Lovely Lady Cakes

Friday, April 30, 2010

Baking and Cooking Kids Party

Learn, interact, and Eat!

Well, I was hired for a Birthday Party. There were eight, 8 year olds who I taught and helped kidos roll our pizza dough and bake Dairy free Cake. One of the guests was allergic to dairy. Hints the very yummy Dairy free cake. It was so much fun!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friends intown

Well, Branden and Kerri were in town from Texas this weekend. Kerri found her Wedding dress yea! We had so much fun. Branden got his sushi in the belly, and Kerri and I oggled over all of her Wedding ideas. (good stuff) fun times. Florian and Sandra came over with Luca.

The Big Reveal

Damon got a full time job!
No more free lance until the next movie comes around. Until then he is working on his new baby!

Easter 2010

April has been a fun month so far. The first weekend my husband and I traveled to Riverside to meet his family for dinner. His dad has reserves every other weekend so we try to make it out to see them. Then the next weekend we saw them again, and it was Easter. 2 weekends in a row I got to have family around. Man i miss being so far away sometimes and missing out of loved ones. So we went to our regular church, but every Easter they have it at the Hollywood Bowl. Its so pretty and peaceful. Then we came home and Joyclyn had brought a ham with them and we had a lovely meal with them. Of course we took them to our friends home who just had a baby and oggled and googled over the new born.