Lovely Lady Cakes

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lovely Lady Cakes TV Promo

Hi Lovely Lady Cakes fans! I have gone and done it. I have started a YouTube channel called "Lovely Lady Cakes TV"!
Here is the link to my promo video and the first Episode airs this Saturday February 26th. Thanks for watching and if you like SUBSCRIBE to the page! Thanks, xoxoxo

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tyra Banks new Fashion / Beauty launch

Join the new web sight by Tyra Banks!
My dear friend has been working super hard putting it together and it rocks. You can log in everyday and answer beauty and fashion questions about yourself then post them if you like on your facebook page. When doing so you might even win prizes or trips.. JUST Sayen...
Thanks for the love..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Train!!!

Some good ole humor brought to you, by me, all while in Grandview, Texas this Christmas with the cousins!
I'm pretty sure I'm hyped up on sugar and family LOVE!! This is also, after we got stuck at a Sonic for a good few hours. Passing the time watching YOUTUBE! This is what I learned that day on YOUTUBE... -Bed Intruder Song!

New Couch

Thanks, Santa, AKA: MEME for our awesome Christmas gift. Finally, my husband and I owen our own couch. We are very thankful for our past couches, but this one is the keeper...for now at least....Big purchases stress me out. I mean you spend a ton of money and hope to god its what you see in your head that matches your decor, is kid friendly, and comfort is required...We bought it at Jennifer Convertibles after Christmas sale. I totally recommend it. We bought as an additional wee fee of 150$ for a 5 year guarantee. If blood sweat or tears, wine exct. get on it they come over and clean it...HELLO!!!

Now it's new drapes time!! I'm thinking a dark blue with a cool pattern. I'm seeing something that Tori & Dean would have in their home!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Friend's Babies turning 1

I had the great opportunity to make our dear friends, Sandra & Florian's son, Luca's first birthday cake. They held a christening in their backyard, on their newly re-modled deck. It was such a sweet way to bless this amazing blessing from God, with their Family from switzerland, and friends. Sandra had his favorite bed time song playing as his godmother, Michelle gave him a Chinese blessing, and his Godfather, my husband Damon (gurti, in german) read an Irish Blessing. The family placed their hands on little Luca and prayed for him. All while Luca wanted to be passed between each person praying for him. It was very endearing. ~Let there be cake! We sang to him and he dug his face into his favorite chocolate cake with banana whipped cream center. In the shape of a ONE!~Next Friend, Jason & Amanda's son, Jack turn one this month! They just had a small family gathering, but wanted a huge ONE cake as well! This one is chocolate with mint buttercream. I made his favorite things out of fondant on top of the cake: his push car that he sits in while being pushed to the park, a broom, basketball hoop, and his sand box. Happy Birthday Jack! xo
~Superbowl 2010~
We gathered over at Jason & Amanda home and I brought over these yumm Football sugar cookies & a flourless chocolate cake. Their home is so fun they have the adult room, and the kid's room all queued up to the game so the OHHHHH's are at the some moment. Some how I always end up staying in the kids room..LOL
Mary & Reuben are having a baby! they came over for dinner the other night along with; Steve, Alex, Harry & Max. Mary is due in May, and so very excited for her! She help me decorated the football cookies for the superbowl game.
~Well, I'll be back soon. I have Mary's baby shower that I am hosting with Jessica & Jill, and making the cake and goodies. After that is Jessica's son, Cade's first birthday and we know it will be a huge, amazingly, fabulous, birthday party!! xoxo