Lovely Lady Cakes

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Week

To start off the week of fun and relaxing Christmas weekend, Damon & I went to see Avatar downtown. Mary and Reuben just bought a loft down there so they met us at the theater. Avatar in 3D: whow! I went into the movie thinking I would hate the blue people (Avatars), and to my surprise was freaking out how cool everything looked digitally. After the movie we headed to Reuben & Marys and checked out their new place - super cool. That's even where we are going in a few hours for New Years Eve!! Mike & Jill met us as well and we planned to go ice skating right by their house but instead we had a yummy sushi dinner and walked to the Standard Hotel. Lovely night with a sparkling view.

Well Christmas Eve (Christmaka) was upon us and we had a total of 8 people over for dinner. This was the 1st year ever that we were not with our immediate families. It was very sad not to be with them, but it gave us the chance to make our own traditions. Our friends Harry & Max came over and since they're Jewish, we all came up with Christmaka. But Santa didn't look at last names this year and they got presents under our tree. Mary & Reuben, and Ben & Clair joined us too. We ate every last morsel of food. It was funny, no left overs. I made some cookies un-iced and we had a little icing party after dinner.

Ahh, Christmas night. Damon and I went to Florian and Sandra's in Echo Park to have an amazing meal prepared by Florian. I held little Luca the whole time. He is just sooo cute. Sandra's parents were there helping the couple out since little Luca is only 2 weeks old so far. He even went to his 1st Christmas party with Florian the day before. The boy is already a social butterfly. This really felt like home. The house was warm from the Christmas tree lights, which also had these tiny candles that Florian had placed into the Tree. I think that is their tradition to place candles in the tree. We sang Christmas carols in Swiss- German and read Bible verses in Swiss German as well.

Well, my rollers are hot and I hear some fireworks going off (I hope that bang was fireworks). Good bye 2009 and hello a great year to 2010! The Digital Decade was good to us. It gave us the world of technology, Twitter, iphones, words like Octomom, American Idol, and green isn't a color any more. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE people!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disneyland at Christmas time

Well, It is the happy place on earth I do believe. We went with our friends Steve, Dani, and their 2 an a half year old Myles. It was supposed to rain, but it totally cleared up for us and was a wee bit chilly, but of course the perfect temp. It sure does beat being hot and sweaty and buying $4 dollar waters in the summer. Man how cool is it to see this giant world through a little boys eyes. He was so excited when we did the buzz and woody ride, and it's great he is the perfect height for a lot of the rides. Plus, all the Christmas decorations were amazing. You really do get your bang for your buck. We watch the wicked cool parade on main street, and even stuck around for the huge fireworks show. Myles kinda thought it was a tad loud and covered his ears. We are some true Disney fans and stayed till 12 midnight.
Watch his face in this video below it's priceless.....

Cookie Parties are fun

Another cookie party this month. These are getting to be so fun. This time only 5 kidos, but they were younger so much more of a mess and being very involved. Thank goodness wine was there for the adults..LOL

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Ginger Bread Cookie Kido Party

Lovely Lady Cakes was asked to host a cookie party this December. There were about 15 kidos and many sticky fingers. We had 2 stations. One was a rolling out dough, and using fun holiday cookie cutters to make the shapes you wanted to eat. The second was a decorating station that were pre baked cookies. Then fun icing and many sprinkles to throw on top. This was an egg, nut free party.