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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A proposal and Family Visits

May 23, 2009, my brother-in-law Salem proposed to his girlfriend Delia Joy Anderson up in the hills of Los Olivos California. It was the most romantic day with the flowers in bloom and rows and rows of young grapes growing on the vines. We drove up to a little vineyard called Firestone Winery. We grabbed lunch first, and sat outside to fill our bellies with food before the wine tasting day before us. When all of a sudden after we ate Salem asked Delia AKA: Joy, to go with him to look around. She grabbed her camera and they were off until, Salem asked her to leave it at the table. Much to her surprise she was confused for we needed her camera to document this moment she knew nothing about. Salem took her through the vineyards and while on their walk he knelt down and proposed. Damon was lurking behind cars snapping pictures. Let's just say the rest of the day was romantic and full of wine tasting.

I love this wallpaper. It was in one of the wine tasting rooms. OMG, I'm so recreating this for my house or Lovely Lady Cakes.

One of the many fun activities we had planed while Salem and Delia were in-town was take them to this awesome outdoor movie. We saw "Dazed and Confused" It was projected onto the side of a wall at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I know a little weird and scary. NO, this was the most beautiful cemetery I have ever been to. Our friends Michelle and John have been tying to get us to go with them since last year. I'm so glad we finally got to go.

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  1. oh how fun....i'm so excited for joy and salem!!! i miss you my pretty pretty bestest friend!!