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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eat Some Wedding Cake

Happy Anniversary to the O'Steens. It's about a month shy, oh well. On May 10, 2008 Damon and I married in Salado, Tx. Well, year one just rolled around the corner and Lovely Lady Cakes recreated the top of our Wedding cake, but this cake tasted the way good ole Lovely Lady Cakes recipe was supposed to taste... (BTW, Lovely Lady Cakes is me I'm the baker) The cake is an Italian Cream Cake with a cannoli and chocolate chip filling. DELISH! My original cake is in my mom's freezer in Texas, and we wont get to eat that till thanksgiving yummmm...

Lovely Lady Cakes will be busy this week. I am making a friends birthday cake for her 3 year old son Rowan. pics will be up soon.

Take care and I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. The June gloom needs to leave. It's summer and we are all ready for some sun.

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  1. can you mail me a piece of that looks great!! hahah....can't wait to see pics of the birthday cake! love ya lady!!