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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boeuf Bourguignon

Listening to Alexandre Desplat's wonderful score to Julie and Julia Movie while in the kitchen brought out the cook in me. This movie recently sparked inside me why I enjoy to not only bake, but love savory food as well. I do have to say though, when I was sitting in the audience of 3 weeks ago at the screening of Julie and Julia movie, I had the widest grin on my face. The theater was a whoppen 4 or 5 couples since I had waited so long to see the movie. I knew it would be my most favorite ever and it held up to my expectations. The grin from ear to ear did not sit there. Noise also, was coming out from my mouth like when you sit with close friends. I hope I didn't annoy anyone, but for sure they were doing the same. That night decided I was to make the famous Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon. Googled the reciepe..(I always google anything you don't know google.) Made my grocery list. Even travled to Ross to by a large enough stock pot that had a lid. can you believe I didn't have one. Invited friends Gary, Jessica, and Sandra. As I started with Mrs. Child's recipe I proceed to the meat and the famous words "Dry the stewing beef in paper towels; it will not brown if it is damp." muttered through my head. Dumped the whole bottle of Red Wine in with some beef stock and brought to a boil then into the oven. So far so good, and yes the house is producing the amazing aroma they talk about in the movie. Noticing this simmering action in the oven I say to my self this is just like stew whats the big deal Julia. Carrots, onions, beef! Umm... Our friends come over we toast before dinner and Jessica and Gary announce she will not be partaking in the wine for she is pregant. Yea!!! Sandra announced about a few months ago she as well is pregant. So my girls are going to get to experience the joy of birth together. By all means I am not jealous and supper excited for them both. I can't wait to be there for them!
I lean in to take a bite of this dish I have just prepared for over 3 -4 hours and what do you know it taste just like stew. I hate stew! Damon and everyone else love it so that's all I cared about. Since I was a kid never to fond of the stew. HEHEH!! What a fun night and good memories!

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