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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disneyland at Christmas time

Well, It is the happy place on earth I do believe. We went with our friends Steve, Dani, and their 2 an a half year old Myles. It was supposed to rain, but it totally cleared up for us and was a wee bit chilly, but of course the perfect temp. It sure does beat being hot and sweaty and buying $4 dollar waters in the summer. Man how cool is it to see this giant world through a little boys eyes. He was so excited when we did the buzz and woody ride, and it's great he is the perfect height for a lot of the rides. Plus, all the Christmas decorations were amazing. You really do get your bang for your buck. We watch the wicked cool parade on main street, and even stuck around for the huge fireworks show. Myles kinda thought it was a tad loud and covered his ears. We are some true Disney fans and stayed till 12 midnight.
Watch his face in this video below it's priceless.....

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