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Monday, February 24, 2014

Giving back can be fun | Updates | Giveaways

To my loyal fans out there, and the new ones, I have been producing baking "How To" videos for over 3 years now.  Sharing those simple cooking videos with the fans is what makes me happy.  Just knowing that you are having fun baking in the kitchen shows by all the comments and pics you send me on my facebook, twitter, and Instagram.  If you're anything like me, I am a visual person, and it just helps when I see it being done.  So when I started my show on YouTube it was intended as a fun hobby.  But then I quickly came to realize there really is a business-side to it as well.  So I got consistent by uploading a video every Saturday and talking to the fans in the comments and staying engaged to what my fans wanted to see.   

So how can I do more?

I will be starting up "Sweet or Spoiled" this Wednesday, and every Wednesday, to give you fun reviews on products, then give them away.  This will also be my Vlog Series where I update you on pregnancy news and funny things that are happing to me over the course of my pregnancy and when the baby gets here.  Of course, I will want to hear your stories and advice in the comment section.

Products to be looking forward to reviewing and giveaways:,, Surfas, Dessert Bullet, and the Pump Station (since I will be there a lot these next few months).

I would also love for you to be my Patreon. What is Patreon? It's a page where I will have exclusive videos, pics, funny videos, vlogs, that will NOT be on youtube, but only on Patreon.  Also, its a way for you to help me with the ever-growing production costs that go into Lovely Lady Cakes (such as baking grocery bills, lights, equipment).  So yes, check it out and please become my Patreon. :)

I really can't thank my fans enough, for all the inspiration and for constantly pumping me up to keep making video content!

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