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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

San Diego Film Festival

Even though the Film Festival was last month it was so much fun and wanted to share some pics with you. Deadland didn't win anything, but what an honor just to be in this film festival. They are very organized and friendly staff. My favorite is the film makers lounge where they serve free Patron drinks, which who sponsored the festival. I learned how to drink tequila responsibly...
The 1st night was the opening film called "Like Dandelion Dust" with Barry Pepper and Kate Levering who is in my faviort show Drop Dead Diva. Then listen to Q& A then off to the Opening Party at the Sรจ Hotel

We had 2 great, pack, theaters for our screening of Deadland.
The last night Damon and I attended the 944 Actors Ball & Awards Ceremony at the Hotel Solamar. Well, I met Richard Dreyfuss, and didn't notice that the man was eating when I approached him for a chat and he was not happy b/c he had food all in his mouth. Opps! and was practically sitting in James Van Der Beek lap. He won best actor. Oh yeah we went to some of the panels the writing and actors panel and our own Gary Weeks from Deadland was in the actor panel with James Van Der Beek.
This was an ego booster. They asked Damon and I to get pics taken and it was wild, like paparazzi. Look left, look right. I think i need that while getting ready in the morning.
Thanks San Diego we love you!!!

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