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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Event for mommies

Well, 2 nights ago, Damon and I helped out my friend with the opening of her store, The Pump Station. This is their third store. One in Santa Monica, Hollywood, and now Westlake. Damon and I helped pour drinks to all the guests and cute mommies in their cute moby wraps and the ambassadors of the city of Westlake, Ca. The drinks were so cute they were called "It's a boy", "It's a girl", the "Pumptini", and of course the "virgin Pumptini!" They cut the ribbon and the store was officially open. All I need to say is: "I'm in love with this store and I don't even have a kid." You would hear me saying to Damon "ohh we need that high chair (STOKKE). ohh we need that..." (when we have a kid of course)

They are your one stop shop for new moms. They answer all kinds of questions and classes to breast feeding classes, mommies and me classes so new moms can find joy in each other and make friends, baby sign language, Mommy Massages, and even baby and me music classes.

Of course Lovely Lady Cakes made 300 cupcakes for the event. Another amazing woman who works there made a boobie cake that said "breast are best." I didn't take any pics of my cupcakes since I was working behind the bar...

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