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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Story Time

Dear Internet,
First off, last night was the final episode to one of the classiest, stand up guy, comedian: Conan O'Brian. He quit his job of 7 months from The Tonight Show in such a Christian matter I hope the world sees that he was not only a comedian, but a mentor. If you didn't make it till the end, the last 10 mins of the show he gave a very real, heart felt speech, how he hates, hates, cynics, and that NBC has been his home for 20 years and all matters aside, still loves NBC. Also, my favorite is when he said being mean gets you no where so be NICE. Good bye Conan- To be Continued....
(for now)

In Lovely Lady Cakes world. On Wed the 20th. I drove to Westlake a nice 45 min drive to the Pump Station with 50 mini cupcakes. There was strawberry, and Mint. I was asked to read in the store for story time. Well, this whole week has been raining cats and dogs. So my drive was a little more difficult than usual. The cupcakes made it dry. I love, Love this store for mommies and 1st born babies. Most of them were babies lying on the floor on their little tummy's with baby toys all around them. Sooo cute. I took the back road home toward the PCH, but was winding through mountains to get to the PCH praying that there would be no mud slides. Everything went just fine thank you Lord for protecting me and my family during this crazy weather!!! xoxo

This week was my one opportunity to serve my community. That's right I was summoned to Jury Dudy. I had reservations at first. I had to drive into Hollywood again in that pouring rain. Thank goodness for GPS! When I got there is actually flew by. I arrived at 8am on time of course. We had orientation, and that lasted till 11am. Only in (LA) there were plaques on the wall that Harrison Ford and other Actors had served at that location...LOL The judge wasn't ready to see us yet so he let us go to lunch early and return @1:30. When we all got back he said well I have bad news and good news. Bad: you won't be seeing me on Monday, and the Good: you get to leave. YEAH, easy breazzzy. I wont have to do this for 1 year. Deep down inside I was actually disappointed I really wanted to go inside the court room and experience it. Oh well....

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