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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gourmet Food on Wheels-Is it here to stay?

The new crave here in LA, is Food trucks. It all started with the Kogi BBQ Truck.
"Quality Korean barbecue meets traditional, homemade tortillas and fresh veggies to create a taste that carries the rhythms of LA street culture and exudes the warmth of all that California sun. Under the direction of Chef Roy Choi, Kogi has developed a menu that delivers high-end food at street level prices."-

Is it now the new trend? Last weeks Variety even states they are becoming the new trend with such high end foods such as gourmet sandwiches, hotdogs, tacos, and even the latest crave cupcakes. There are award winning Chef's setting up shop, in a truck and serving you and me on the streets of LA. When I was in Santa Barbara I went wine tasting in the tiny town of Los Olivos and even they had this amazing cupcake truck.

This crave is so infectious, I even myself sat down with a good friend yesterday talking about setting up Lovely Lady Cakes in one.

Is this one of those trends like scrunches, cupcakes, myspace, or the color nude? Is it just going to die soon, or will it stick?

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