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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beach Themed Baby Shower

All my hard work planning my dear friend Jessica's Baby Shower finally paid off. Of course I couldn't have done it all without the lovely hosts backing me up. Thanks to the wonderful hosts Jill, Julie, Sandra, Tamela, Katie, & Gosia. We had the event in Manhattan Beach at Julie's wonderful, beautiful home. You walk out side of her home and look to your left and there is the beach. No joke I felt like I was standing outside the beach house on Weeds..LOL

One of my favorite parts was Friday night when Jessica and I went to get a mani-pedi before the shower on Saturday, and in mid massage of the feet I told her to look to her left and there was her mom, Cheryl. Cheryl, flew in from Atlanta, Ga. to surprise her. Jessica was so excited and the 1st thing out of her mouth was "You are coming back after the baby's born, right?" LOL... yes she is by the way...

My idea for the party came from
The cake & cookies were of course from


  1. Great job looked great!! When is Jessica due again, i think you said march, but i cant remember!!! I wish lovelyladycakes could do the cakes/cupcakes/cookies for our little ones baby shower....just wish YOU could be here :)
    miss you so much
    great job on that awesome looked so cute

  2. Thanks Lovely Lace. Yes, I would love to make little Kalivoda his coming into the world cake..heheh..miss ya..xoxo

  3. Very fun, Anna! Lots of my friends are having babies these days and I love seeing the cakes and themes! :)

  4. Truly this beach themed baby shower was so fun. Thanks a lot for sharing photos. At Vintage themed Chicago event venues we also attended a baby shower party. It was a perfect 80s vintage event. The decorations were up to mark. I really loved it.