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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avocado Take Down

Hey gang- This past Sunday@ at the Bootleg Theater, I entered in a contest. I have never competed with food before but couldn't pass this up. This groovy dude Matt Timms who started the chili take down is going around the country with fun food challenges. The only reason I even did this was; 1) it wasn't super competitive 2) we were supplied with 48 avocados from Mexico, and 3) his vibe was a cool dude so i knew his event would be totally chill....

I made Avocado Fries and 2 types of dipping sauces; an avocado Remoulade, and a lime chili mayo sauce... There were 20 other chefs with really cool inventive new ways to eat an avocado. Here is a few dishes; Avocado Caliente Cupcake,Avocado Cream cheese Cake, Avocado pie, Avocado ice cream, lots of sweet dishes...Even though I didn't win I had a ball doing it and met some groovy peeps...

Take a look at who entered the competition and if you’d like to read on about the event, head over to Chili Takedown.

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