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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catch up with life...

I am very much enjoying my life of shooting How To Videos on YouTube. I am becoming quite the little entrepreneur. I now have learned Final Cut Pro, and have learned how to edit and shoot my own videos. Note to self: don't shot your own videos when dealing with sautéing onions. My whole time attending culinary school to now never have burned my self worse trying to hold the camera and cook at the same time..OPPS..

Busy times: I was asked to teach 10 adults who work at the Disney consumer Products building in Glendale. This was such an amazing experience. I had a drive on pass thank goodness which just means you roll up in your car like in the movies and my name was on the list to drive onto the lot..LOL...When I walked in it was decorated like a fairy princess and buzz and woody were there made out of legos.
The ladies said there was a color chart which the staff all put together. LOL These ladies were so fun, and I hope enjoyed my class. I taught them covering cupcakes with buttercream, tips, making your own piping bags, fondant, and everything to getting messy.

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