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Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to make Royal Icing

Royal Icing is the icing on many jobs! It can either be a smooth icing, such as when covering sugar cookies, or it can be an adhesive when building your favorite ginger bread house! Some times I even skip the syrup on my pancakes and add this sweet treat to them!

Royal Icing
2 cups Powder Sugar
1 egg white or less
1 tsp Vanilla

add more powder sugar is it is to runny to ice cookies
add more egg white to make it runny to cover petit fours

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  1. hello anna!!! i´m a huge fan from spain!!! i olve your youtubechannel! and thanks god you made this video of royal icing! i was searching for it! you know? now i´m searching a good recipe of homemade fondant! can you help me!!!!!????

  2. thanks so much for watching, no I have no idea how to make Fondant...I always go to my local cake or restaurant supply store..good luck...xoxo

  3. Hi Ana! I just wacht your video about to make Royal Icing. It was very funny and easy to understand. I will try to make as you said, and I hope looks so good like yours. Sorry for my English, I'm brazilian. I like to cook a lot, but have not so much talent as you.