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Friday, July 26, 2013

how to make a Baked Alaska

This desserts is my all time favorite.
Let me tell you this is the easiest dessert and is so fun to make.  We are talking ice-cream,  cake,meringue, and flame.  The main ingredients to any desert.  Perfect for a b-day party or get together. Just make sure it's not to hot or it will start melting...

Baked Alaska
thaw out three different flavors of ice-cream
grab a bowl and line it with saran
take the 1st ice-cream and pore it in
freeze it till hard
take it out pour the 2nd ice-cream on
freeze till hard
take it out and pour the third on and freeze
then take cake or I used pre-made brownies and place on top
then you need to plop out the ice-cream but it can be hard
I used a flame or use can place in warm water
then taking the syran wrap from the sides grab and pull out
then top with Meringue
4 eggs whites
2 Tbs sugar
take egg whites and using a hand mixer whip up and slowly drizzly in sugar
should take 4 mins till it reaches a stiff peek
just keep an eye on it
top it on the ice-cream then using your flame torch and flame it
or in the oven on Broil for 2-3 mins

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